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Birthdate:Nov 17
Location:Arlington, United States of America
An update: I'm now a mom of 3 boys living in Arlington. I'm a professional photographer and between kids and work sadly no longer have time for Tech Squares, SCA, or much bell ringing. I do morris dance, with Muddy River Morris. I don't post much but do enjoy being able to follow along friends' posts and engage there :)

From Livejournal:
Hi! My name is Mira. My knitting blog is here:

I have a wonderful husband, James (galadhelsul).

I'm from Boston, I graduated from Simmons College in 2007 and I majored in history and minored in computer science. I went to Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall School, before that Beaver Country Day School and before that The Advent School (before Advent I went to the Dorchester YMCA Nursery School). I went to Grossman Camp for 12 years, and my Macabiah teams included Hertzl, Shechem, Kessef, Knesset, Tamar, and Tzafona. I also attended the Workmen's Circle Shule from kindergarten through 7th grade.

My hobbies include knitting, morris dancing, Square Dancing, Ringing bells (ringing), and Singing.

I am involved in lots of student groups. They include MIT Hillel, Tech Squares, and MIT Guild of Bellringers.

I've had a Livejournal since May 2001, and due to an incident in November of that same year, my journal is now entirely friends-only, so if you want to be able to read it, drop me a line and I'll add you.

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